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Professional Behaviour in the Workplace Seminar

  • Professional Behaviour in the Workplace
    $3,125 plus GST per seminar, maximum 10 participants – 1 ½  hours

    An Employer's culture can be one of its major strengths when it is consistent with its objectives and philosophy.

    The contemporary marketplace requires Employer's to meet competitive threats and adapt to changing economic environments. A culture that prevents you from doing this can lead to stagnation and decline unless Directors make a conscious effort to implement positive practices.

    Employment Advocacy Solutions, a Brisbane based non legal Workplace Specialist, has developed a 'Professional Behaviour in the Workplace' communications seminar specifically tailored to the unique nature and challenges faced by Employers.

Other workshops/seminars available (Fees Apply)

Conduct of 'in house' or 'off site' programs specifically tailored to your requirements (all lecture notes inclusive) at an agreed cost, plus access to current training programs as set out:

Program outlines:

  • Bullet Proof Dismissal Procedures
    $375 per person plus GST, minimum 10 attendees – 3 hours

    Unfair Dismissal claims cost many thousands of dollars every year in legal fees, payouts and lost time, getting it right costs much less.

    This seminar will arm participants with all the information needed to ensure that their disciplinary and termination procedures comply with legislative expectations and that both managers and employees understand the requirement of natural justice and procedural fairness.

    Includes legislation updates and rules regarding employer initiated social activities.

  • Dignity, Respect and Professional Behaviour in the Workplace
    $375 per person plus GST, minimum 10 attendees – 3 hours

    Focuses on employer/employee obligations, complaint mechanisms, anti-harassment and anti-intimidation strategies. Includes mediation and dispute resolution programs.

    Every year we are seeing an escalation in allegations of work place bullying, harassment, sexual harassment and subsequent claims for compensation. Many of the problems can be resolved with a little foresight and planning. The impacts of improper behaviour can affect every level of your business, be it government or private.

    We invite you to attend an informative and interactive 'case study' seminar, which will ensure you know the requirements of acceptable workplace behaviour and the key laws surrounding its conduct

    The seminar will feature discussion on the new and emerging rules governing bullying, harassment matters, discrimination, code of conduct, terminations, grievance handling procedures and employer responsibilities at work and or work related functions.

    The seminar includes hands on role playing involving all participants highlighted by current workplace examples in which to explore the issues.

    This is an opportunity to gain an insight into disciplinary issues that may happen in your workplace every day and how you can deal with them correctly before they escalate.

  • Recruitment, Appointment and Management of employees - Do it the right way
    $375 per person plus GST, minimum 10 attendees – 3 hours

    The seminar will cover recruitment and the managing staff (with a generational awareness), the importance of fairness in exiting employees as well as the legal framework of exiting staff as well as the changes in legislation for small to medium sized businesses.

    After having hired your employee, keeping them focused and on track is the next most important task that employers face. Failing to give each employee timely, formal and appropriate feedback can result in decreased morale and high staff turnover.

    Encouraging your employees to give and receive feedback, costs much less than recruiting new employees.

    Participants will find out about the process of identifying, evaluating and developing the work performance of their employees so that organisational goals and objectives are more effectively achieved.

    You will also leave with tools and tips such as a recruitment checklist, an interview styles summary, some Do's and Don'ts of Interview questions, performance management tips and much more.

    This is a must attend for anyone responsible for hiring and the managing of staff.

  • Investigation Techniques (Disciplinary) - Get it right the first time!
    $1,750.00 per person plus GST, max 5 attendees – two day (one day course available - $998.00 + GST))

    Far too many employment matters end up in litigation. Often this is a direct consequence of inadequate partial, investigations, especially in relation to allegations of misconduct.

    These seminars identifies rules of evidence; balance of probabilities; the rules of natural justice, practical fact based evidence collection, witness interviewing techniques, formal processes for disciplinary interviews and provides multiple practical case studies and hands on role playing to ensure complete understanding of investigation techniques.

  • Fair Work Australia Overview - Federal and State rights and legislation governing your workplace and their application to your work place
    $375 per person plus GST, minimum 10 attendees – 3 hours

    The identification of the interrelationship between state and federal workplace legislation is a key element of this program.

    Having identified the framework the program then focuses upon mutual and individual obligations; resource materials, the framework of employer assistance programs; dispute avoidance, mediation and alternatives to litigation.

    Learn about the critical issues emerging from the new Fair Work Act and the implications for your workplace. This seminar will assist employers to understand the threats and opportunities changing power relations pose in the current context of unprecedented economic uncertainty.

    EAS will bring you up to date with the emerging bargaining strategies employers and unions are adopting to meet the challenges ahead and take participants through an instructive selection of hot-off-the- press decisions made by Fair Work Australia and the Federal Court under the new statutory regime.
    Topics will include good faith bargaining, adverse action within the general protections provisions, independent contractors and unfair dismissal. In each case, the presenter will be posing and answering the question – what does this mean for employers?

  • Workplace mentoring and the implementation of Workplace Agreements

    A three hour training for senior and line managers. Company specific, includes the how to and instruction in the preparation of all forms of work place agreements under the Fair Work Act, 2009 and its Regulations.
    $1,875 for a group of up to five, plus actual travel costs only.

All lecture notes, books and DVD's where required to achieve the necessary standards are provided. These courses may also be recognised for formal continuous education programs for professionals.

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