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Since 1993 the Country Education Foundation has helped over 2500 rural and regional students pursue study and job opportunities.
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EAS Pty Ltd provides a professional level of representation for its clients, based on the principle of a flat fee, plus GST and reimbursement of actual costs only. This philosophy allows for the company to offer a written retainer with an unequivocal guarantee to clients as to the charges to be imposed.

In order to ensure the best, low cost professional service, clients are required to sign their written retainer before work commences. In most instances payment is required in advance although this is negotiated on a case by case basis. Costs are segmented so that clients can exercise a ‘Go – No Go” decision making process every step of the way.

Special rates:
Clients who are financial subscribers to our annual subscription service receive a special, discounted rate that reflects their loyalty to the company and our commitment in return to providing a cost effective service.


All investigation work (criminal and civil) is charged on a per day flat rate, plus GST and actual costs only, with the actual number of days being agreed in writing with the client before work begins.

EAS Pty Ltd has on staff its own Arbitrator, Mediator, Conciliator, Business Strategic Adviser and Advocate and can appear in all industrial jurisdictions and before most Tribunals. In addition, the company retains on an ‘as needed’ basis, qualified consultants in both NSW and Queensland.

EAS also has formal relationships with key law firms chosen for their special expertise and identified as being appropriate to the needs of EAS clients.