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Since 1993 the Country Education Foundation has helped over 2500 rural and regional students pursue study and job opportunities.
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360 Degree Performance Appraisal Program

On Line. Instant Access.

A Performance Improvement Program

that supports your existing activities.

Accurate feedback is essential for employee development & retention to ultimately achieve company growth. The broader the feedback (360º) the more comprehensive the outcomes.

An overview of the Process:

1 EAS will assist you to choose from a range of ready to go Worksets (aligned to job profiles)or we can upload your own.
2 7 job profile alternatives are preloaded, each of which has a choice of different Competency Frameworks.
3 Go on line - no software to install - just standard email & internet access.The online process is easy to use, completely automated & paper free.
4 EAS Consultation includes the User Guide, Feedback Report & Appraisal 360 Degree Workbook.
5 The Appraisal 360 Degree Workbook helps you to understand the Feedback Report & develop a Performance Development Plan.

As an accredited Feedback 360 Provider EAS encourages you to incorporate one of the best, user friendly Appraisal Programs into your operations.

Click to view a client recommendation of the EAS 360 Degree Program from Sika Australia.

360º Appraisals can include:

  • 12 & 6 month Performance Reviews.
  • Employee Performance Tracking Tool.
  • Pre Probation Period Review.
  • Recruitment Appraisal Tool.
  • PDP Development & Implementation Process.
  • Comprehensive HR Policy Appraisal Program.
  • Investigative Assessment Tool.
  • Assist HR Executives meet their own Performance Indicators.

Investment + GST

Employee Cost per workset

1 to 6 $425.00

7 to 16 $335.00

17 to 150 $275.00

Our experienced & accredited HR team are available to meet with you to discuss your unique company requirements. Simply return email or call to express your interest.

Appointments for 2017 Are Now Open

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