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Since 1993 the Country Education Foundation has helped over 2500 rural and regional students pursue study and job opportunities.
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Employer Protect
provides Employers with access to:-

  • IR Advocacy & Representation
  • Telephone & Email Advisory Service
  • Email Bulletins on relevant workplace relations issues & Updates of legislative changes
  • Workplace Investigations
  • Conduct Terminations
  • Advice on Work’s Compensation Obligations
  • Conduct of Disciplinary Matters
  • Act as Appointed ‘Bargaining Representative’ for Employers under the Fair Work Act
  • Assistance with Compliance with relevant National and/or Industry Codes of Conduct
  • Assistance with Independent Contractors, Common Law Contract, FWA, Code Compliance
  • Training & Development Service

Our service is designed to ensure that the impact of work related claims against Employers by current or former Employees is minimised, providing tailored advocacy and representation to guarantee the best possible outcome.

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